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We seek to help teachers grow in their walk with the Lord by challenging them to read and study God's Word.

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Pits to Praises

Summer Teacher Bible Study

Ever found yourself looking around, wondering how you got where you are - in the middle of a dusty, desert-like pit? As you feel the muck clinging to you, you want out, but you're just not sure how to get your feet unstuck enough to climb up and out and back onto solid ground again? We've been there...the Psalmists have too. Want some good news? They didn't stay in that pit...and you don't have to either. Join us as we discover how to go from the pit to praise as we study the Psalms. Bible study designed and written by teachers for teachers.

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In the Word 365

12 months. 52 Weeks. 365 days. 10 minutes a day. Devote yourselves to God's Word this coming year. Walk through 12 themes and 52 passages to learn about the God we love and serve.

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"Four summers ago, I was blessed enough to join Bonnie in the first ever summer Bible study for teachers. Each summer, I’m blown away about the creativity, insight and community that both Bonnie and Bethany provide for teachers. It rejuvenated our tired spirits, refills our thirst for Christian connection and provided fellowship with fellow teachers. It’s the event of the summer that I never miss out on!"

Meghan Harris
1st Grade Teacher

"As a new teacher and newly married, I stumbled upon Teachers in the Word by complete accident, but as I look back I see that it wasn’t much of an accident at all. Teachers in the Word helped me to understand that being a public school teacher is a ministry in itself. Within this group I have grown immensely in my walk with God and I have enjoyed the fellowship of the community that Bethany and Bonnie have intentionally created. It is beautiful to see so many hearts from so many walks of life boldy proclaim the name of Jesus, encourage one another in the faith, and most importantly love on one another. I also LOVE that within this group we get bible studies specifically for the teacher soul! Yes, there are other Bible studies that are for women, mothers, wives, daughters, but I have yet to see any Bible studies that compare to the Teacher in the Word studies. Bethany and Bonnie work diligently to craft studies that are Biblically sound, relevant, and thought provoking. I thank God for Bonnie and Bethany as well as the Teachers in the Word group!"

Charlese Inyabri
Pre-K Teacher

"Teachers in the Word is a faith-based group for teachers to come together with similar Christian beliefs and values to share ideas, pray for one another, and offer encouragement. Each summer, the group goes through a bible study written by teachers for teachers with the classroom in mind. There are life applications as well as classroom applications for all grade levels. In the study, they include fun coloring pages, links to relevant music videos, and free online videos that go along with each week. Being a part of this group has brought a lot of joy and reminded myself to use my role in the classroom as a ministry to show Christ’s love to my students and colleagues."

Kirsten Kleven
7-12 SPED

"Teachers in the Word is a group established for Christian teachers to grow closer to Christ by discipling other disciples. We share classroom ideas, ask for prayer requests, share praise reports, and overall uplift fellow believers. Each summer a Bible study is offered to complete as an individual or in a group. The study uses a workbook that includes fun activities and QR codes for links to enhance learning. I have grown in my walk through the hearts of the leaders in this group. Bonnie and Bethany have hearts to inspire teachers to draw closer to the Lord through studying the Word. All of the studies are Biblically sound and easy to follow. I have learned a lot from the other teachers in this group by their testimonials and encouragement! "

Olivia May
3rd Grade Teacher

"I have had the privilege to be part of Teachers in the Word for the past four years. I had started my search with a prayer for like-minded individuals that could help me grow in the Christian life. God answered that prayer very quickly with the group suggestion for Teachers in the Word. In the past four summers, we have done a Bible study as a large group that was studied through the eyes of teachers. The past three years have been studied were written by teachers for teachers. They have been absolutely amazing. They have met the need for fellowship, spiritual growth, and how to share God’s love even when it seems impossible. I continue to feel encouraged in my spiritual growth both with the group and through study. "

Katie Erickson
Assistant Director/Lead Infant Teacher

"I cannot say enough good things about Teachers in the Word. This group has made a huge impact on both my Spiritual life and my professional life. Through this group, I've gotten to know Christian teachers from all over the country and have gotten some wonderful and practical teaching advice from them. Through Bonnie and Bethany's Bible studies, I have learned many Biblical truths that I have been able to apply to my day to day life."

Lydia Jacobs
K-2 SPED Teacher

"Teachers in the Word is near and dear to my heart! Every summer I look forward to these studies. They are unique in that they are made FOR teachers! They are also unique in that they are made BY teachers who have thoughtfully and prayerfully crafted a study for us while they themselves are teaching in their own classroom. It’s a way for us to come together in the word each summer and remind ourselves how we can shine a light as teachers in our classrooms. I feel so blessed to be a part of Teachers in the Word. "

Jamie Rutherford
First Grade Teacher

"This year will be our fourth Summer to spend with the Teachers In the Word Group. We have become family as we fellowship, learn and grow thru God’s Word. The Bible studies that Bonnie and Bethany have written for our “teacher hearts” never cease to remind us our calling and how our lives should look to others. It rejuvenates your faith and makes you strive to be a doer of the word in your everyday classroom life. Our local group has grown together in number and love for others. We have seen each other thru many losses, infertility, hard times, diagnoses, etc. Sharing these bible studies together have made us family. We follow thru with a new community project every year. Our group has had the privilege of visiting and ministering at a Womans shelter, making devotional gifts for all our staff, and especially going to each school site and praying for each other. And that’s not even mentioning the effects these studies have had on our classroom/school atmosphere. I would highly recommend the Teachers in the Word group and studies if for no other reason than our students need our hearts in the word. This experience has truly been a blessing."

Kendra Morehead
Kindergarten Teacher

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