In the Word 365

12 months. 52 Weeks. 365 days. 10 minutes a day.

Devote yourselves to God's Word this coming year. Walk through 12 themes and 52 passages to learn about the God we love and serve.


In the Word 365

In the Word 365 seeks to re-imagine yearly devotionals where the reader typically reads one Scripture verse each day accompanied by a nice thought or commentary on the passage. We gravitate towards those books because they are quick and easily digested. While those devotionals certainly have their place, they sometimes leave us wanting for more. The reason is that many of them don’t provide us with the spiritual food that we need and crave. The goal of our plan is to provide you with something that can be completed easily and quickly each day but still provide you with spiritual substance. Every month you will focus on a different theme that discusses the person and character of God. Every week you will study one passage. Each day we guide you through different ways to interact with that passage. The tasks should take you 5 to 10 minutes depending on how much or how little you want to study.


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Let's work on Scripture Memory!

Memorizing Scripture is an important practice in the Christian life. Many of us know this truth and we have the best of intentions in being committed to keeping up with this discipline. Many of us try, but fail to consistently memorize God’s Word. All of us, Bonnie and Brett included, could do a better job at hiding God’s Word in our heart. We want to help you come up with a strategic plan for memorizing Scripture. 

Each week you will have a specific day (day 6) to work on memorizing Scripture. While there is an assigned day where you will intentionally focus on memorizing Scripture, we would encourage you to find a few moments throughout your week to review and practice. Prayerfully by the end of the year you will have memorized 52 different passages.

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